Lista de KB`s para o ConfigMgr 2012.

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Segue a lista de Knowledge Base (KB) para o SCCM 2012.




2683915 A secondary site installation is not completed successfully when you type the default instance name in the Create Secondary Site Wizard No
2687393 A malformed command-line command for a Windows Installer-based Deployment Type may cause the initial and successive installation or removal to fail with an MSIExec error message No
2683908 An App-V application cannot be streamed to a client that has the "Bypass proxy server for local addresses" option set No
2681449 Descriptions for the ResultDetail field values in "v_CH_EvalResults" view No
2683900 Changes to the Deployment Type for an application are deployed unexpectedly and cannot be rolled back No
2680765 Changes that are made to Video Hardware Acceleration settings during a Remote Control session are reverted at the end of the session No
2688277 The Configuration Manager Application Catalog does not function when you reinstall the "Application Catalog web service point" role by using different installation options No
2680249 A failure is reported if you remove a zero value from the Return Codes tab under the properties of an application Deployment Type No
2688238 The Microsoft Network Inspection service that is started by Configuration Manager may be stopped by Active Directory Group Policy No
2679653 The lastLogonTimestamp attribute may not be accurate No
2688247 SQL Server cumulative updates must be manually installed on secondary sites that use SQL Server Express No
2688239 Many warning messages for PolicyAgentInstanceProvider are logged in the Application log when you install Configuration Manager Client No
2688244 Old application Deployment Type source content remains in the client cache after the application is removed No
2688242 Endpoint Protection is not updated on client computers after the Endpoint Protection site role is installed on the server No
2677999 The PDF Wizard truncates the program command line to 63 characters No
2678905 The Configuration Manager Client installation fails when BITS is not installed No
2679005 An App-V virtual application package version in a Configuration Manager Client environment does not run on Windows 7 or on Windows Server 2008 R2 No
2688285 The Apply button is unavailable when you clear the "Enable PXE support for clients" option on the PXE tab in the properties of a Distribution Point No
2688287 The Configuration Manager console crashes when an item in a list view organized by using the Group By option is moved to a collapsed group No
2688288 A site server is stuck in Maintenance mode if you change the SQL Service Broker (SSB) port while you are performing a site recovery No
2689854 An SOL connection is lost when you restart a client in the perimeter network No
2691543 You receive an "Error 31: A device attached to the system is not functioning" error message when you try to install a non-English operating system No
2690414 Keyboard shortcuts that you use in a Remote Desktop session may be intercepted by a Remote Control viewer session No
2693122 The distribution point contains no deployment package after you use the Download Software Updates wizard No
2693104 "Could not find the specified instance" error message when you migrate objects from Configuration Manager 2007 No
2692920 "In Progress" status displayed for the installation on a mobile device of an application that supersedes an application that cannot be uninstalled No
2691080 The Ccmexec.exe service is not automatically restarted after the WMI service is paused and restarted No
2691547 The "Computers with a specific virtual application" or "Computers with a specific virtual application package" reports do not display any data when they are run for collections of users No
2691550 Multiple error messages are logged in the Distmgr.log file when you update shared Distribution Points No
2691946 You cannot reinstall an SMS Provider on the server from which you uninstalled the provider No
2691875 Different results are displayed for software updates when you use saved searches in non-English versions of Configuration Manager No
2692588 The Cluster service may not start after Endpoint Protection is installed on a server that is running an x64-based version of Windows Server 2003 No
2693920 Incorrect amount of computers displayed in the Total Remediations column in the Antimalware Activity report No
2709082 After moving the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SQL Site Database to another drive, creating a new Software Update package or a new application fails No
2712387 WDS does not start on a PXE enabled remote Distribution Point in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager No
2716946 Task Sequence Fails when using Stand-Alone Media in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager No
2716956 Using the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager CMTrace log viewer to review a log that contains a line exceeding 8000 characters causes the log to be truncated No
2704014 You cannot restart a provisioned computer in a power-saving mode in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager No
2704107 An IPv4 address may be deleted by a Windows 7 AMT-based client computer that is running System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Client No
2704129 The connection may fail when you use the Out of Band console to connect to an Intel AMT-based computer in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager No
2691560 The status of a failed upgrade to a shared Distribution Point may be displayed incorrectly as "Failed to upgrade distribution point" in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager No
2713465 Changing a property of a deployment appears to not be saved in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager No
2713467 A PXE enabled Distribution Point that uses a self-signed certificate will generate many files in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager No
2713469 Failures with the Capture User State task or Task Sequence when using System Center 2012 Configuration Manager No
2713471 System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Software Center does not launch on a Windows XP client if Terminal Services is disabled No
2716965 Remote Control fails with error C000012 in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager No
2683436 How to remove other antivirus software programs before you install System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection for Mac No
2679798 You cannot open the IronKey control panel after you install System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection for Mac No
2680975 How to schedule an in-depth scan in System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection for Mac No
2685901 How to disable and to enable real-time protection in System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection for Mac No
2691047 An HTTP URL is passed to an Alternate Content Provider (ACP) for a Distribution Point (DP) even though it is HTTPS-enabled in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager No
2733816 Security Update MS10-019 is not visible in the Configuration Manager console for some operating systems No
2717295 Description of Cumulative Update 1 for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Yes
2756110 Issues with System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Application Evaluation if a third party deployment type is not registered properly on a client No
2744420 An update is available to support Alternate Content Provider in Task Sequence in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Yes




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